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Suubi Health Centre (Suubi) provides subsidised healthcare and outreach services to 58 villages in the Luuka District.

Luuka District is located in the Eastern part of Uganda with a population of over 260,000 people. There is no hospital in Luuka District and has only one health centre (a category IV which is one level below a government hospital). There are 12 health centres which are a category III where maternal and child health and impatient services can be accessed, resulting in an average of over 23,500 people per category III health centre.


Luuka District has a public medical team of 151 staff making it a 1:260,000 doctor to patient ratio, and a 1:1,721 general medic to patient ratio.

Luuka District does not have a surgical theatre and the nearest referral centres are in the neighbouring districts about 25km-60km away on very poor quality roads. Distance to health facilities, low household income and poor family and social support are some of the main contributors to maternal mortality in the district.

The services that we offer at Suubi Health Centre include antenatal care, deliveries, neonatal and premeture care, postnatal care, immunisation, laboratory, ultrasounds, oxygen support, ambulance, general inpatient, outpatient and community outreaches.

Suubi is currently the only provider of neonatal services including premeture care, oxygen support, kidney and liver function testing within the district.



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